Many exotic skin handbags and accessories made in Argentina as far back as fifty and sixty years ago, can still be found today in almost perfect condition; thus making them extremely valuable and sought after. This of course, is due to their superb craftsmanship and the superior quality of the skin. For the most part, exotic skins are extremely long-lasting: thus by keeping in mind these few pointers you will ensure your enjoyment of your Marcela Calvet for years to come.

For Alligator (Caiman), Lizard and South American Ostrich:

> When not wearing your bag, keep it in its duster-bag. This will protect it from dust and scratching.
> Avoid extremely dry or moist environments
> Avoid contact with water. This is particularly important for those pieces with glazed finish which can buckle and dull. Once this happens, the original condition cannot be restored. If the piece gets wet, wipe it dry with the soft cloth we provided to you and let it dry naturally. Do not place under direct sunlight or near elements that generate heat.
> It is best to use a soft cloth to wipe/dust off your handbag or accessory. Refrain from using any cloth made of harsher fabrics and avoid using paper towels as the grains will scratch the surface.
> Try minimizing the use of lotions, alcohol and other beauty products containing oils when handling your piece.
> Please do not use household cleaners on your handbag or accessory.
> Avoid direct sunlight. Discoloration of the tanned skin may happen if placed under direct sunlight.
> We recommend the use of BICKMORE 4 to clean and condition your
handbags. Available at Marcela Calvet.