O U R    H E R I T A G E


During the late 30's until the House of Calvet retired the Callot label, a certain number of exotic skin handbags were made to order in Argentina exclusively for the label's select clientele.

Calvet chose to maintain the integrity of the original "Callot" label, which was above all, a pre-eminent Couture house, by not placing the label's signature inside the beautiful handbags. Instead, they simply bore the stamp "made in Argentina".

Still, the handbags were easily recognisable for their vibrant shades of cognac, deep burgundy, and garnet, which accentuated the beauty and detail of the skin, as well as by the superbly crafted hardware in Silver, Alpaca and Bakelite which lent the designs their unique look.

In the 21st Century, the Calvet name is once again at the vangard of fashion. Only that this time, it is our handbags that take center stage.

With each stunning collection, Marcela Calvet pays tribute to this iconic history by bringing back the lifestyle and sophistication that had defined the "Callot-Calvet" woman. Alluring designs that meld Argentine sensuality with French sophistication.