O U R    H E R I T A G E


Within our philosophy, it is of greater importance to give than to receive. Making life better for women and children is our endeavor; therefore our commitment to further these important causes.

The arts also hold a relevant role within our vision and mission. We proudly partake in projects that enhance the efforts of the institutions who support the arts in all their manifestations.

We uphold the value of having an uncompromising work ethic and to be kind to others as well as oneself. These values are the trademark of Marcela Calvet, the luxury brand.

The Calvet Foundation:

From the time she was a child, Marcela Calvet became aware of the great philanthropic undertakings of her ancestors. Among the most relevant are the Calvet Foundation and the Calvet Museum.

Based in Avignon, France, the Calvet Foundation is a two hundred year old institution. This vast heritage includes several major museums covering all fields of art. Today, they comprise one of the cultural jewels of France. It is this legacy which fuels the desire for Marcela Calvet to create beautiful products while also giving back.